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Tips to Help You Stop Snoring

Articles - Snoring - Snoring At Night? Try These Self-Care Tips


Snoring At Night? Try These Self-Care Tips   by dulce Azogue

People used to laugh and make fun of your loud snores you make each night. But time passes and you realize it's not funny anymore. Your kids start complaining, and your wife is sleeping in the other room.But what makes someone snore anyway?

At night, when you are in deep sleep, the throat and other tissues relax, causing the throat tissues to sag. When the air passes through the airway as you breathe, the air vibrates and hence, snoring occurs. 

Statistics show that there are more males who snore than females, because men have larger necks, and females have this hormone called Progesterone, which is looked upon as an aid against snoring.

Snoring is more than just a vibration that you hear which often disturbs your sleep. 

It's more of a nuisance, because for obvious reasons, it distracts you from getting that much-needed rest you desperately want. And you know what little sleep can do for you. If you have a bed partner, then you are likely to be more tired, more fatigued and less productive at work due to lack of sleep. Severe drowsiness, lack of attention and poor mental performance cause vehicular accidents and mishaps. 

People who snore may be an annoyance to their bed partner and other people at home due to the sounds they make at night. This could wreck relationships at home. They might even experience marital breakdowns and feel frustrated because of the condition they think won't go away. It could cause further misunderstanding and could create gaps.
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Unfortunately, one of the worst problems associated with snoring is a condition called sleep apnea. Apnea came from a Greek word which means absence of breathing. 

Obviously, in this condition, the snorer has periods when he stops breathing, which he is not aware of. This scenario makes it a life-threatening problem, which should be taken seriously. Obese, middle-aged men are more prone to have this disease. 

But don't worry. As scary as it seems, there are self care tips you should do in order to prevent your snoring.

1. Know which food you're allergic to and get rid of it. If dairy food makes you allergic, then don't eat it before sleeping.

2. Stay away from sedatives. Sure, sleeping pills relax you, but they relax you too much that your tissues sag. Anything that relaxes tissues around the head and neck will cause you to snore. Try other things that will put you to sleep.

3. Sleep on your side, not on your back. When you sleep on your back, your tongue falls backward to your throat. 

4. Stop smoking. Smoking is a contributing factor to snoring.

5. Shed some pounds because overweight people tend to be snorers.

6. Avoid alcohol hours before bedtime, because while it puts you to sleep, it relaxes your tissues.

7. Don't place your pillow under your head when you sleep. 

But if none of these works, then you might consider surgery as an option. In this case, medical advice should be sought. 

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