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Colic - What Baby Formula To Use

Articles - Colic - What Baby Formula is Best for a Baby With Colic?


What Baby Formula is Best for a Baby With Colic? by Vickie Barnes


Many mothers choose to feed their babies formula because of hectic schedules and the difficulty with pumping milk. As a result, formula is a great option for many mothers. However, lots of moms regret the choice of feeding their babies formula when the baby develops colic. It will help mothers to realize that many babies, no matter whether breast fed or formula fed, will simply suffer from colic. So, if your baby is suffering from colic don't second guess yourself because most babies that develop colic simply develop it.
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When you became pregnant you were probably really excited and started making plans. These plans may have included the choice to feed your baby formula and even if you did a lot of research to find the "right" formula you probably were unaware that each baby has different needs and that your baby might actually develop colic. Many mothers have heard of colic, yet don't realize what it really is until it happens to their baby. But, once it affects your baby you will become more concerned about the best formula for your baby that might help them feel better and suffer less.

There are some signs that will let you know if changing formula is a good idea. One of these is if your baby has stomach and gas pains after a feeding. If this is the case and you and your doctor believe a new formula will help then changing is a good idea. However, keep in mind that colic frequently worsens before it gets better so when changing formula be prepared for a couple of rough days before being able to determine if the new formula is working better than the old one. Also, don't change formulas frequently if it is not necessary because this could make your baby worse.
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If you have decided to change formulas then you might consider Carnation Good Start. The company markets this formula as having "comfort proteins" that are easier for the baby to break down and as a result have less gas pain. However, this brand really only works for babies that tolerate cow's proteins because the formula is made from this. Many babies do have a sensitivity or even allergy to cow's proteins, as well as others, that parents never realize until they switch formulas with different proteins and the baby gets worse.

In the case your baby does not react well to Carnation's Good Start then you might want to try a soy based formula. About 50% of baby's that are allergic to cow's proteins are also allergic to soy proteins, but 50% are not so it might just work for your baby. You certainly don't want to try a formula your baby is allergic to, but you also don't want them suffering because you are too scared to try a different formula. So, talk to your doctor to see if a soy protein formula is a good option for your baby and if so which brand might work best for baby.

In the instance that neither Carnation Good Start or soy formulas work for your baby then a hypoallergenic formula might be your last option. These formulas are great for babies with a sensitive digestive system, however they are certainly expensive, and because of this most parents only use them in the case that their baby cannot tolerate any other formula.

Colic is no fun for baby or the parents, however with a little patience and trying different formulas you will be successful and help your baby find comfort. So, talk to your doctor about what formula might be best for your baby to try when colic appears and then take it from there.

About the Author
Vickie Barnes is a colic veteran of two colicky babies. Please visit her website, for more support and resources for dealing with colic.

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