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Medications For Baby Colic And Tips

Articles - Colic - Are There Any Medications for Treating Baby Colic?


Are There Any Medications for Treating Baby Colic? by Vickie Barnes


Babies with colic are sad little creatures because they are so uncomfortable and parents literally feel helpless not to mention the constant crying that keeps the entire house awake for what seems like weeks at a time. Obviously, if there are medications for treating baby colic all parents out there who have ever had a colicky baby want to know what they are. However, it is more complicated than simply picking up a drug and administering it to your child. The reason is because baby colic can be caused by several things and medications only work in some of those instances. On the other hand, there are natural remedies for baby colic as well, but these should be used under a physician's care.

Many times babies with colic are simply crying because of their discomfort and nobody knows why they have colic or how to cure it. This is because colic is a mystery to many doctors and only time seems to cure babies who suffer from colic. However, there are some occasions where babies with colic are suffering from GERD, gastro esophageal reflux disease and this can be treated with medicine and cure the colic.

GERD is treated frequently with Zantac and other similar drugs that are used in adults to treat heartburn, ulcers, and other similar complaints. When you take your baby to the doctor with colic and GERD is the diagnosis then more than likely a drug like Zantac will help the baby feel better and not suffer from discomfort. Of course, some babies are not totally cured with Zantac treatments, but most of the time they are considerably better that they allow the rest of the house to get some sleep. On the other hand, there are many instances of babies suffering from colic that simply cannot be attributed to anything. In these instances some natural remedies are useful under the close supervision of a doctor.

Natural remedies for colic include bryonia alba, colocynths, chamomile, magnesia phosphoric, pulsatilla, and many others. The different homeopathic solutions to colic are suitable for a whole range of colic symptoms. However, it is important to have a homoeopathist evaluate your baby for the best homeopathic or natural remedy for the individual colic. For some time many individuals were wary of natural medicine, however given the many positive experiences people have had in addition to few side effects like traditional medicine more and more individuals are turning to this natural medicine and even their babies as well.

If you have a baby, or even a friend or family member has one, that has colic then consider the above information. This shows that many times there is a way to treat your baby's pain and help them relax while allowing you and the rest of your family to finally get some rest not to mention your little bundle of joy. You and your baby don't have to endure colic until they simply get over it. Instead, talk to your doctor or local homeopathy specialist for options.

About the Author
Vickie Barnes is a colic veteran of two colicky babies. Please visit her website, for more support and resources for dealing with colic.


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