"ISO advice for grandma in financial need..."

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"ISO advice for grandma in financial need..."
Posted by Tweetie on Aug-29-07 at 12:25 PM (Eastern)
Posted on Aug-29-07 at 12:25 PM (Eastern) by

I'm hoping some of you moms and grandmas can give me some helpful advice concerning a friend of mine who is really having trouble making ends meet. To make a long story short, my attendant Kim is the sole provider for her 17 yr. old daughter and her daughter's soon to be 1 yr. old baby daughter. Because her daughter still is considered a minor, the only financial assistance she can get is WIC (sp.?) and Medicare (or is it Medicaid?) I don't mean to sound cruel, but her daughter and her 3 sons are basically no good and have cost her an outrageous amount of money in truancy fines. Kim works part-time as an attendant for me and one other person and would gladly work more hours but fears leaving the baby with her daughter for too long because she is so irresponsible and takes such poor care of the baby. Plus Kim sometimes has health problems which cause her to miss work. They qualify for low cost day care, but her daughter must be the one to arrange it, which she is too lazy to do. Kimís sister had been living with them, during which time she was suppose to pay half the rent, but she of course never did. Basically her entire family are poster children for the dysfunctional, so they often are the source of problems instead of any help. In addition, so many people mooch off of her and end up taking advantage of her kindness.

Today she has an appoint. with our local food bank, so hopefully they can help her get some more groceries. I also give her as many coupons as I can, especially for baby diapers and food. She usually buys Pampers and Gerber products. Does anyone know of any charitable agencies or online sites where she can get some additional help, free items, or discount items, especially for groceries or baby items? The less red tape involved the better, because it all can be rather overwhelming at times for her. Sheís been really stressed out lately, and I really feel for her. Kim isnít perfect and has made mistakes in the past, but she tries her hardest, has always been there for me above and beyond, takes wonderful care of her grandbaby, whom she absolutely adores, and is great at finding discounts when shopping.

Sorry this is so long. Any thoughts on the subject are most welcomed. Thanks for reading.

Karen a.k.a. A Frustrated Tweetie :(

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