"Any Advice on Potty Training a 2 Year Old Boy??"

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"Any Advice on Potty Training a 2 Year Old Boy??"
Posted by BriansMommy on Feb-12-06 at 07:18 PM (Eastern)
Posted on Feb-12-06 at 07:18 PM (Eastern) by

I don't even know where to :o) We bought him the little seat that go on the tiolet, but when he sat on it, he fell in, now he's scared of the "big pottie". So we got him a pottie chair, but he just plays with it. I'm thinking about just getting him a big step stool and having Daddy teach him how to do it!!!

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1 . "My little boy is 2 and getting there"
Posted by ncbrunet on Feb-13-06 at 09:57 AM (Eastern)
Posted on Feb-13-06 at 09:57 AM (Eastern) by

We started with the little potty chair and let him just sit on it fully dressed and read books. Then once he was ok with that, we did it really "trying" with books. We would let him sit there for 2 or 3 books with the faucet barely running in the background. Eventually he went and we made a HUGE deal (singing, clapping and doing a potty dance). Now he wnats to sit on the BIG potty so we put him right on it (no chair) near the front so most of his legs are on the seat and just make sure there is room for him to hit inside the potty.

He got a little confused watching Daddy stand, so Daddy showed him how to sit and potty. Also he gets to flush and wave bye-bye to the pee-pee (it helps) when he or Daddy goes.

We rarely need the books now. LAso sitting on the big potty, kind of "opens him up" and he has pooped on the potty twice now (the first was a accident, the second he really tried for it).

He has started telling us on his own when he needs to go now. We started this around Thanksgiving so...

Try to find something that excites him about trying. You can put bubbles in the potty so when he goes he makes big bubbles, cherrios for traget practice, stickers if he goes, we do a roll on the floor funny potty dance and sing.


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2 . "We never pushed it to much with our 3 yr old (m)"
Posted by doycosmo on Feb-13-06 at 12:14 PM (Eastern)
Posted on Feb-13-06 at 12:14 PM (Eastern) by

And he has no problem going on the potty on his own, he will be 4 in August and started going regularly about 4 months ago. Everyone kept asking why he wasnt potty trained yet, but I was not going to rush him or pressure him and that seemed to work, I just stopped putting a diaper on him one day and made sure he told me if he needed one and instead of asking for the diaper he just went on the potty and when he did occasionally ask for a dipaer I gave him one, now he never asks for it. My advice is to not push it or worry to much and keep it casual and when he is ready he will do it no problem on his own.



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3 . "My friend is startin to potty train her little boy and she uses fruit loops in the potty and tells him to aim for them. lol Dont know if it will work but its worth a shot! (I have a girl, no boy LOL)"
Posted by jen_ron on Feb-22-06 at 10:14 PM (Eastern)
Posted on Feb-22-06 at 10:14 PM (Eastern) by

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4 . "Bribery works!"
Posted by luvmy2babies on Apr-24-06 at 08:02 PM (Eastern)
Posted on Apr-24-06 at 08:02 PM (Eastern) by

In the midst of potty training my 2 year old boy. We started in earnest two weeks ago and bribery is working well for me. I bought a foam alphabet and he gets a letter for every time he goes in the potty (regardless of whether he also peed in his pants...we'll work on staying dry next). Then he can save up the letters and buy candy from me with them. Also, I have a train book that he is only allowed to look at when he is on the potty. That helped too.

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5 . "EVERY child is different"
Posted by NiCoLe on Jun-21-06 at 10:59 PM (Eastern)
Posted on Jun-21-06 at 10:59 PM (Eastern) by

My first son started walking at 10 months and followed me 11 months he followed me into the bathroom, and started pointing at the toilet, so I lifted him up, and he peed! He was probably fully "trained" by 2 1/2. He's almost 6 but still wears goodnites because sometimes he has nite time accidents.
I have an almost 1 year old, but I think he'll be different!

My friends nephew REFUSED to use the potty. They tried everything from bribery, to cheerios (like the fruit loops mentioned above) They stopped pushing the subject, and out of nowhere 2 weeks before his 4th b-day, he went and has gone ever since.

I used to be a preschool aid and one of the moms told me about some kind of tablet you put in the toilet, so when they pee it turns a different her son always wanted to go so he can change the color of the water...

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