"10 Parenting Tips "

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"10 Parenting Tips "
Posted by auxanocash on Sep-29-14 at 01:54 PM (Eastern)
Posted on Sep-29-14 at 01:54 PM (Eastern) by

#1 A Child is a Privilege

It is a privilege that this child Ė this bundle of joy Ė has come through you and arrived in your house. Children are not your property; they do not belong to you. Just see how to enjoy, nurture, and support them. Donít try to make them an investment for your future.

#2 Let Them Be

Let them become whatever they have to become. Donít try to mold them according to your understanding of life. Your child need not do what you did in your life. Your child should do something that you did not even dare to think in your life. Only then will the world progress.

#3 True Love

People misunderstand that loving their children is to cater to whatever they ask for. If you get them everything they ask for, it is stupidity, isnít it? When you are loving, you can do just whatever is needed. When you truly love someone, you are willing to be unpopular and still do what is best for them.

#4 Thereís No Hurry To Grow Up

It is very important a child remains a child; there is no hurry to make him into an adult because you canít reverse it later. When he is a child and he behaves like a child, itís wonderful. When he becomes an adult and behaves like a child, thatís bad. There is no hurry for a child to become an adult.

#5 Itís Time To Learn, Not Teach

What do you know about life to teach your children? A few survival tricks are the only things you can teach. Please compare yourself with your child and see who is capable of more joy? Your child, isnít it? If he knows more joy than you, who is better qualified to be a consultant about life, you or him?

When a child comes, itís time to learn, not teach. When a child comes, unknowingly you laugh, play, sing, crawl under the sofa, and do all those things that you had forgotten to do. So it is time to learn about life.

#6 Children Are Naturally Spiritual

Children are very close to a spiritual possibility if only they are not meddled with. Generally, either the parents, teachers, society, television Ė somebody or the other meddles with them too much. Create an atmosphere where this meddling is minimized and a child is encouraged to grow into his intelligence rather than into your identity of religion. The child will become naturally spiritual without even knowing the word spirituality.

#7 Provide A Supportive And Loving Atmosphere

If you set an example of fear and anxiety, how can you expect your children to live in joy? They will also learn the same thing. The best thing you can do is to create a joyous and loving atmosphere.

#8 Maintain A Friendly Relationship

Stop imposing yourself on the child and create a strong friendship rather than being a boss. Donít sit on a pedestal and tell the child what she should do. Place yourself below the child so that itís easy for them to talk to you.

#9 Avoid Seeking Respect

Love is what you seek with your children, isnít it? But many parents say, ďYou must respect me.Ē Except that you came a few years early, are bigger in body, and you know a few survival tricks, in what way are you a better life than him?

#10 Make Yourself Truly Attractive

A child is influenced by so many things Ė the TV, neighbors, teachers, school, and a million other things. He will go the way of whatever he finds most attractive. As a parent, you have to make yourself in a way that the most attractive thing he finds is to be with the parents. If you are a joyous, intelligent, and wonderful person, he wonít seek company anywhere else. For anything, he will come and ask you.

If you are genuinely interested in giving your children a good upbringing, you should first transform yourself into a peaceful and loving human being

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5 . "cool info, thanks"
Posted by momoftwo on Jun-01-17 at 03:55 PM (Eastern)
Posted on Jun-01-17 at 03:55 PM (Eastern) by

Thanks for the info, it was cool

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7 . "Thanks good "
Posted by pkwood on Sep-25-17 at 10:24 AM (Eastern)
Posted on Sep-25-17 at 10:24 AM (Eastern) by

Liked it

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8 . "moving it up"
Posted by momoftwo on Jan-16-18 at 09:40 AM (Eastern)
Posted on Jan-16-18 at 09:40 AM (Eastern) by

Moving post up for all to see

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