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Baby forum rules Forum Rules and Help

1. Introduction
2. Rules
3. Frequently Asked Questions
4. Cool Tricks

Welcome to the message boards. Here you can trade/sell/discuss with your fellow readers for free! Please read this entire page to get the most out of the boards.

Posting new messages on the board is easy. Just select the "post" message link at the top of the board you wish to post on.  You can reply to a message by selecting the "Reply" or "Reply Quoted" links when viewing the message. Reply quoted differs in that it "quotes" the original message for you in your reply.

Please do not spam the boards! If you have a web site you wish to promote, please trade links or advertise. Do not use the boards for self promotion. Any spamming will be deleted from the boards without warning. No links or posts about other forums, chats, boards or sites like BM. No posts allowed for complete or partial deals, cash register tapes, looking up upc codes and prices or personal sweeps/contests/raffles/drawings. (All links subject to review). Foul language will cancel your account. Only one account allowed per person. You must abide by manufacturers rules. No personal attacks or bickering on the boards.  (Note: Your eboards & websites which are only a listing of what you have and contain no links to other websites are allowed to be posted.) The trades, posts and/or sales you make are your own responsibility. BM is merely supplying the board for you to post your trades and/or sales. BabyMingle is not responsible for individuals who do not fulfill their commitments. All forum messages express the views of the author, will not be held responsible for any content, any posting or any message, all posts are made in real time by the poster. The trades and/or sales and posts made are the responsibility of the individuals making the trades and/or sales and posts. is merely supplying the board for people to post their trades, posts and/or sales. Disclaimer

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to log in? What are the benefits of logging in?  First, you do not have to ever log in to use the boards. But, logging in is required to post and can help you fully exploit the power of the message boards.
To log in, select "Login" at the top of the message board. Enter your name and password. If you haven't previously logged in, please select "Register" after entering your name and password. By selecting "Remember your password", you will not have to log in ever again! You will be automatically logged in. This is the recommended option.
Logging in will enable the following features:
Your name or email address will be automatically filled in when posting messages.
You are allowed to edit messages you have posted while logged in.
Messages you have not yet read will have the word new next to them.
While logged in, select the [USER] link to modify your account information. Create a signature for all your messages!

How do I edit my message?  If you didn't log in before posting your message, you cannot edit any messages. By logging in before posting, you'll be able to edit the message later. You can edit by selecting the [EDIT] menu option at the bottom of your message.

How do I remove my message?  Only the board administrator can remove messages. It is suggested you preview your message before posting and try editing the message first. If your message still needs to be removed, please send a note to the administrator.

How do I send the poster e-mail if I don't know her address?  At the base of every message is a menu bar of links. One of these is [SEND EMAIL]. If the poster specified a valid email address when they posted their message, you only have to click on the link to send them email. There will be cases where a poster forgets or makes a typo in their email address. In these cases, please respond to the individual's message in the message board.

I've changed my email address. How do I update my account?  To modify your account, you must be logged into the board. Once logged in, select [USER] off the menu. To change your email addres, select Modify your account information and press Submit. Change your address and press Submit once again.

How do I know if somebody has responded to my message?  When you post your message, select "Check if you want to receive email when a new message is posted to this thread?" to receive email anytime anybody responds to your message in the board. Another way is simply visiting the board and looking :-)

Where did my message go? It was there last week!  Due to space limitations and the dated content of most messages, messages may disappear after a week or two. Newer messages are always displayed first in the board. As messages grow older, they'll slowly move down the page and onto the second page of the board.
You can select which page you want to view by selecting the numbers at the top of the message board. Usually, you will be viewing page 1. Selecting 2 will take you to page 2 of the board. When messages grow so old, they are automatically deleted and lost forever.

Cool Tricks
Here are some more cool features that you can use...

Embedding URL or Hyper link

The board automatically removes all HTML tags from your message. However, you can still embed your URL simply by typing the URL. That is, if you type

the message board will automatically link it and display

Embedding an Image URL
You can place an image in your message by typing "". Please no huge images and please keep all images under 100KB in size.
For example, if you type

You would see the image happy.gif in your message.

Embedding Some Default Icons
There are couple of cool icons that you embed directly into your message. For example, if you type ":-)" or ":-(" you will get  and .

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